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In this collection of his best games, Grandmaster Alexei Shirov shows why he is widely regarded as one of the most aggressive and inventive players of the modern era. It contains a delightful selection of his favourite games, each of ...
Entertain with delicious raw dishes! Parties, social gatherings, and community suppers provide opportunities to share your passion for raw food. Why not engage and interact with friends and family around great raw dishes that everyone...
A concise, colourfully illustrated and highly informative textbook of paediatrics. Written primarily for medical students for their course in clinical paediatrics (6-10 weeks in duration in the UK and worldwide), the book has found a ...
Der Reprint macht ein weiteres seltenes Vorlagenbuch der Gebruder Graef fur einfache Mobel und andere Schreinerarbeiten wieder zuganglich. Das Buch ist ahnlich ausgestattet wie "Der Landtischler", es enthalt Entwurfe mit Erlauterung...
Extended and revised "2013 Standard Catalog of World Coins 1901-2000. 40th edition." The catalog is now 2372 pages, it contains 50,000 images of coins. All World coins, minted in the XX century, the market prices for a number of pre...
This package consists of two bestselling eBooks:Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software CraftmanshipThe Clean Coder: A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers
Based on extensive research, Grammar and Beyond ensures that students study accurate information about grammar and apply it in their own speech and writing. Student's Book, Level 1 is the main component of Grammar and Beyond. In each...
Get in-depth technical information to put IPv6 technology to work—including networks with hardware running Windows 8 and Windows Server® 2012. Written by a networking expert, this reference explains IPv6 features and benefits, and ...
Powerful Best Practices for Employee Retention, Alignment, and Engagement 17 Rules for Developing and Keeping Devoted EmployeesHow to foster commitment, respect, trust, honesty, fun - and, above all, performanceNew case studies from r...
The third installment of the Fisher Investments On series is an all-encompassing guide to the Consumer Staples industry - which includes companies that manufacture and sell food and beverages, tobacco, prescription drugs, and househol...
This brief offers a broad, yet concise, coverage of portfolio choice, containing both application-oriented and academic results, along with abundant pointers to the literature for further study. It cuts through many strands of the sub...
The Economics of Money, Banking, and Financial Markets set the standard for money and banking courses when it published in its first edition, and it continues to be the worldwide market leader. The historic economic events and financi...
Entrepreneur magazine is an excellent source of information for entrepreneurs and business owners. It offers advice from leading experts on the latest trends and strategies in marketing, management, technology and much more. It will h...
The Economist is a global weekly magazine written for those who share an uncommon interest in being well and broadly informed. Each issue explores the close links between domestic and international issues, business, politics, finance,...
Starting in 1987 with CIO magazine, CIO's portfolio of properties has grown to provide technology and business leaders with insight and analysis on information technology trends and a keen understanding of IT's role in achieving bus...

Ace Translator 12 Final
Date: 2013
Language: Russian
File format: EXE
File size: 2.5 Mb

Ace Translator – программа для перевода любых текстов с иностранных языков на русский и обратно. Новый интерфейс в стиле Ace Translator. Улучшенный механизм перевода гарантирует более высокое качество перевода благодаря обновленным лингвистическим алгоритмам хотя какие они при одном метре данных.
Everyday Math for Everyday Life: A Handbook for When It Just Doesn't Add Up
Mark Ryan
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing; First Edition edition
ISBN: 978-0446677264
Date: December 1, 2002
Pages: 384
Language: English
File format: PDF
File size: 7,3 MB

Everyday math skills can be painlessly learned and easily mastered, transforming readers from a person who doesn't know the meaning of APR into someone who understands credit card rates. Ryan's guide is broken into sections which review basic arithmetic from fractions to percents.
The Everlasting Empire: The Political Culture of Ancient China and Its Imperial Legacy
Yuri Pines
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 978-0691134956
Date: May 7, 2012
Pages: 256
Language: English
File format: PDF
File size: 3 MB

Established in 221 BCE, the Chinese empire lasted for 2,132 years before being replaced by the Republic of China in 1912. During its two millennia, the empire endured internal wars, foreign incursions, alien occupations, and devastating rebellions--yet fundamental institutional, sociopolitical, and cultural features of the empire remained intact. The Everlasting Empire traces the roots of the Chinese empire's exceptional longevity and unparalleled political durability, and shows how lessons from the imperial past are relevant for China today.
Ancient Modern: Polymer Clay And Wire Jewelry
Ronna Weltman
Publisher: Interweave
ISBN: 978-1596680975
Date: June 1, 2009
Pages: 136
Language: English
File format: PDF
File size: 101 Mb

Artistically combining polymer clay with wire, this distinctive manual teaches crafters and jewelry makers how to create organic, sophisticated, and contemporary jewelry. A range of innovative techniques in designing beads and components from polymer clay are combined with wireworking elements, inspired clasps and ear wires, wire bead caps, polymer clay tipped head pins, and more for a signature look. Explaining fundamentals of jewelry design, this manual also delves into what makes a piece "primitive" and how to achieve an organic effect through color mixing and textures. Included are a wide variety of polymer clay and wire jewelry design and texture techniques, 15 one-of-a-kind detailed projects, and a gallery of completed works.
Bates' Guide to Physical Examination and History-Taking (Point (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins))
Lynn Bickley MD
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; Eleventh, North American Edition edition
ISBN: 978-1609137625
Date: November 12, 2012
Pages: 1024
Language: English
File format: PDF
File size: 86,9 MB

The 11th edition of the pre-eminent textbook on physical examination contains foundational content to guide students’ approaches to history taking, interviewing, and other core assessment skills, as well as fully illustrated, step-by-step techniques that outline correct performance of physical examination. The book features a vibrant full-color art program and an easy-to-follow two-column format with step-by-step examination techniques on the left and abnormalities with differential diagnoses on the right.
Perceiving Reality: Consciousness, Intentionality, and Cognition in Buddhist Philosophy
Christian Coseru
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA; 2 edition
ISBN: 978-0199843381
Date: October 9, 2012
Pages: 384
Language: English
File format: PDF
File size: 3 MB

What turns the continuous flow of experience into perceptually distinct objects? Can our verbal descriptions unambiguously capture what it is like to see, hear, or feel? How might we reason about the testimony that perception alone discloses? Christian Coseru proposes a rigorous and highly original way to answer these questions by developing a framework for understanding perception as a mode of apprehension that is intentionally constituted, pragmatically oriented, and causally effective.
Italian Manpower 225 B.C.-A.D. 14
P. A. Brunt
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 978-0198142836
Date: September 17, 1987
Pages: 784
Language: English
File format: PDF
File size: 4 MB

This study of the size of the Italian population from 225 B.C. to A.D. 14 draws on early Roman census figures and yearly estimates of the number of men under arms to assess the nature of Italian emigration, the effects of wars and land settlements in the peninsula, and the economy of Cisalpine Gaul and other regions.
Business Dynamics
John D Sterman
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education
ISBN: 978-0072311358
Date: 2000
Pages: 982
Language: English
File format: PDF
File size: 25,9 MB

The field of system dynamics was created in 1956 under the leadership of MIT Professor Jay W. Forrester to evaluate how alternative policies affect growth, stability, fluctuation, and changing behavior in corporations, cities, and countries. Forrester founded the System Dynamics Program in the Alfred P. Sloan School of Management at MIT. John Sterman is currently Director of the System Dynamics Group at MIT.
LogoLounge 5: 2,000 International Identities by Leading Designers (v. 5)
Bill Gardner and Catharine Fishel
Publisher: Rockport Publishers
ISBN: 978-1592535279
Date: July 1, 2009
Pages: 192
Language: English
File format: PDF
File size: 103 Mb

The fifth volume in the best-selling LogoLounge series brings together an exciting collection of 2,000 totally new logos from designers worldwide submitted to LogoLounge.com, the largest collection of logo designs in the world. The front of the book contains an inspiring series of articles, featuring top-notch design work from such world design leaders as Lippincott, Felix Sockwell, Fragile, Cato Purnell, Chermayeff & Geismar, Mattson Creative, Moving Brands, Origin Communications, and Hulsbosch. The second part of the book contains 2,000 logos logically organized by category (typography, crests, people, mythology, nature, sports, and so on), plus additional articles on the latest work by Interbrand, Design Ranch, Von Glitschka, Landor and more.
Algorithms in Java, Parts 1-4 (3rd Edition) (Pts.1-4)
Robert Sedgewick
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional; 3 edition
ISBN: 978-0201361209
Date: August 2, 2002
Pages: 768
Language: English
File format: PDF
File size: 5 mb

For the first time, Sedgewick's seminal work on algorithms and data structures is available with implementations in Java. Michael Schidlowsky and Sedgewick have developed new Java code that both expresses the methods in a concise and direct manner, and also provides programmers with the practical means to test them on real applications. This particular book, Parts 1-4, represents the essential first half of Sedgewick's complete work. Its four parts are fundamentals, data structures, sorting, and searching. It has expanded coverage of arrays, linked lists, strings, trees, ADT's, and object-oriented programming.